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Developers and Distributors of S/W and Apps for Desktop and Mobile Devices since 2003.
On the AppStore from its launch with iScopa (Top 1 paid App in the Italian AppStore for months) and Millions of Units (paid and free) downloaded.

Our secret is the care for our Customers.

We also work on third parties products, for iOS, Android and Web (Front-End and/or Back-End).

Do not hesitate to contact us: info@doclouisjones.com

Privacy Policy

Updated Apr/2023

Affected Products
iScopa, iBriscola, i7mezzo e iTressette, all versions.
This website (www.doclouisjones.com) and redirecting domains (e.g. www.iscopa.com, www.iscopa.it, www.ibriscola.it, etc.).

Some of our Apps use third party analytical services that collect anonymous utilization data. This allows us to improve our services and your user experience. For instance, with the help of Firebase Crashlytics or the equivalent services, we collect valuable technical information on the App's crashes and can promptly fix bugs and issue new (free) updates.
We're NOT interested in your personal data. Our Apps and Servers do NOT store or process your personal data. However, some data may be stored and processed by those service providers.
Our Products - if updated after the enforcement of the GDPR law - will ask for explicit consent before enabling these services. At the best of our knowledge, no personal data will be collected while these services are disabled (see policies below). For older products consent is given implicitly by using them.
Should you choose NOT to share this anonimous technical data, you can still contact us to report any problem and bug by writing to info@doclouisjones.com.
For more info:

Some of our Apps uses the Game Center (by Apple Inc.) to support Multiplayer, which allow playing with other players over the Internet. Some Data may be stored and processed by these services providers. Please ref. to relevant privacy policy listed hereafter.
Some Apps also integrates our propetary multiplayer service (hereafter also dljMP). dljMP uses Google/Firebase Authentication for users authentication and requires users to provide some personal data (e.g. email and password). Personal data are stored and processed by Google/Firebase; please refer to their privacy policies for more info. Some non-sensible data (such as player chosen nickname and player game points) is also stored on our Servers. Some data is made public (such as player nickname and her/his score). This data is used only within the scope of the game and related multiplayer features and is not distributed to third parties, with exception of the data that is made public (e.g. leaderboard). We reserve the right to delete data which we deem being offensive, obscene (e.g. vulgar player names) or falsified (e.g. faked scores).
For more info:

Some of our Apps and this website need to implement advertisement banners (and related services) to support development and maintenance of Free Products. These services may collect information (anonymously or not) to provide targeted advertisements. Even when not collecting personal information, these services will need to collect a minimum of data to work (e.g. how many banners are displayed during an App session), and some of this data may be classified as 'personal' under the new GDPR European Law. Please ref. to relevant terms and conditions and privacy policies below for more info.
Our Free Products - if updated after the enforcement of the GDPR law - will provide you with two option (usually after a trial period):
A) continue using the Product for free allowing Advertisements (and their data collection feature) or
B) pay a one-time fee and remove all Advertisements (and their tracking).
No personal data will be collected when this services are disabled (see policies below). For older products, Ad's are enabled by default and consent is given implicitly when using them.

Our Apps are distributed via iTunes Store, Mac App Store, App Store, GooglePlay Store and Microsoft Store.
Appse decription on these stores provides additional details about how our partners use the collected data, if any.
Please ref. to relevant terms and conditions:

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time, still complying with applicable laws.
Since we do not collect personal data, we will not be able to contact you to inform you of any change to the policies: please check this page frequently and do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Right to delete your data
To ask more information about deleting any collected data please contact us: info@doclouisjones.com

Questions? Comments?
Do not hesitate to contact us: info@doclouisjones.com
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